Seeking Validation


I see this everyday, you probably do too?

Do you think I should get my hair this colour?

What do you think of my new trainers?

Look at my new wheels, you know the old Starbucks infant of the wheel.

Social media can play a huge part in peoples lives, sometimes for the good, but sometimes for the bad.

We have influencers: influencing. selling, making something of themselves, showing off this perfect life.That most of us have been chasing. Even me.

Brands marketing their products. Using it as another revenue stream. Which is great for small and big businesses.

It’s a great tool to reach your following at a very low cost.

But businesses and people are abusing them, selling shit, posting shit, making people believe they’re being successful and happy which has a knock on effect on their followers

We’re always seeking validation from 3rd parties. People showing off, humble brags, you name it people are doing it. This is on every single fucking platform, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram. Even I am guilty of this in the past.

15 seconds of your time, editing, hashtags, hair and make up, done perfect lighting, boom the piece of content is out there. Follows, likes, comments and shares.

I wish I had their life, oh do I need to do that because they do?

Fuck, I’m the same age of him/her. Why haven’t got what they have?

Do you know these people are happy? No?

Stop comparing yourself to these people. Stop seeking validation from social media.

Most of your followers won’t know the real you. So why the fuck are you seeking validation from them? Some of them wouldn’t even say Hey in the street! 

If you want to post a picture, video or piece of content because you think it will get lots of likes, then you’re probably posting and using the platform for the wrong reason.  Post because you want too, not because you’ve seen someone else post something.

If you want that hair colour/style. Then fucking do it. It will make you happy, why should you think if they think it’s nice then I’ll get it.

If you want to post about what you’re thinking or feeling, then do it. People will probably get more from it, it will be relatable.

Bit of a rant, but you get what I mean!

Happy Sunday!

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