5 Months of Sobriety ( A Reflection)

I’m different. I’m different to all my friends and all my family. I have bipolar disorder and I have autism. A year ago on last Thursday. I was formally and professional diagnosed. What a year it’s been. I’ve been the happiest, person ever. Just to actually know what’s happening in my body. I can now control it. 

Every weekend, I take a walk down the Salford Quays/Media City. Sometimes with our Connor. Sometimes alone. 

But the times alone, I always stop, find a decent bench and have a coffee, usually get Ralph a pupa-chino. He loves it. 

I always think, over 6 months ago I’d be hanging out  my arse or on a come down or even worst, both. 

Now, I’m in the fresh air, sat on a bench writing this. Enjoying doing nothing. Alone with my thoughts. It’s so peaceful. Oh and Ralph. He’s just chilling getting all the attention. 

I think reflection and planning is something that people need to do more. To let go of the week just gone, and to plan for the week ahead. 

I’ve got a planner from Phill Graham I got over Christmas thinking of the new year new me mindset. But I’ve kind of pushed it aside. But I’m going to take it to the next level. It helps with fitness, business and mindset. 


I’ve put on a few lockdown pounds to say the least. I’ve followed James Smith PT  since the beginning of his journey. I even went to the gym in Sydney where he first started. I even think he tried selling to me, him or either Diren. (Insert link)

There’s a lot of fads, a lot of unethical brands selling this magic weight loss pill. When To lose weight is just a calorie deficit. It’s that easy. 

So from tomorrow (Monday 10th) I’m going full send on calorie counting with nutricheck and getting in at least a 5K walk and some gym work, when my broken finger is fixed. 

Saying you’re going to do something and actually executing it, is two very different things. 

So let’s get this shit done. 

Business and work. 

I might be very bias here, but Thermatic Technical FM is the best business to work for. What is TTFM? Basically we’re a HVACR business (Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning and Refrigeration) we keep our clients warm, cool, with light and allow our customers to be fully operational. Due to our customer base, with some very hard work and good luck, we’ve been very successful throughout the pandemic. 

I’m the Internal Recruiter, my job is to hire the best engineers and in house staff in the UK to allow our business to grow successfully. I say our business because we want all our staff to treat it like their own. 

I’m going to be so busy, I’ve got a nice project on to recruit around 70-120 engineers across all disciplines in the country. It’s going to be tough. But I can do it. I’ve written this now, so there’s no going back. 

Why have I mentioned work? Because it’s my happy place. The place where I feel most comfortable, that’s very rare these days. I love the people I work I work with, I love my job and I love the business. 

I’m ever so grateful, why? The pandemic hit us, I thought I’d be the first one out the door, I have to recruit. No recruitment meant bye bye Luke. However that wasn’t the case. I was placed on furlough. I made the most of it to sort my shit out. I used our private healthcare. I was in a shit place. Suicidal and didn’t know what to do. 

I opened up to my therapist. Who didn’t bomb me off with antidepressants. We got to root cause. He diagnosed me with bipolar disorder. It made sense. He also picked up on me potentially being Autistic. He referred me to a specialist and boom. I got diagnosed with that. 

It all made sense. I have the right support, got rid of the wrong in my life and I can now be happier. 

So, yeah basically. Thermatic Saved my life, indirectly. I’ll be forever in debt. 

But not just Thermatic: there’s some people I speak to, work close with and follow who have also helped me. There’s lots. But Micheal Maisey is one of them. How he’s changed his life around and now advocates others to do so, is refreshing. Now I want to do the same. 

So thanks Michael.

To summarise, I got my shit together, in the last 12 months. My life has changed massively, in the last 5 months Ive become sober/tee total from drugs and alcohol. I have a great job which I love, I have a great circle of supportive professionals around me, I have a great friends. I’ve invested in myself, following supportive people and following their journey’s to see how they’ve helped mine.

You do become a product of your environment. In the next post I’m going to write about my relationship with drugs. Never really spoken about it before, so it will be nice to get it all out there.

Luke x

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