A Letter To Boris

Dear Boris and friends,
Suicide is the biggest killer for males under 45.
Around 84 males per week, take their own lives. Probably more during this pandemic.
That’s 84 blokes who feel like the can’t speak out and take any more shit.
Why don’t we hear Anything about this? Why aren’t we doing anything about it?

Between the 17th and 21st of August there was a registered 18 deaths due to COVID. The rest of the weeks stats have not been released yet.
Yes, the virus is deadly. We knew it was going to peak. We knew there was going to be more cases, because of more tests.
Yes it has caused a lot of pain to both society and the economy.
Eat out to help out.
Tax reduction
All great things happening, yes. It’s slowly getting the economy back on its feet.
WELL Bojo, do you not think that there has been a lot of negative impact on peoples mental health, like myself? You know there has, yet you’re still not doing anything about it.

But why not invest more money in to our Mental Health System, Bozza?

Half price private Counselling and Therapy, people will get more out of that than eating a fucking half price Big Mac!

Half price Gym Memberships for 6 months? 0 joining fees for the year? If you can speak to Ronald McDonald, you can arrange a deal with the CEO of Pure Gym I’m sure.
If you’re going to make a lot of unhealthy foods half price, you have to do something to maintain both physical and mental fitness.

Get some more government funded gyms, when we needed the nightingale hospitals, you threw them up in days/weeks. Yes they were needed. But these are too. I’m sure you lot were on about the obesity rates we’re going up too!

I mean proper gyms, not these leisure centre gyms. Which has fuck all equipment and proper gym and health workers, not the ones who just act as a glorified receptionist and cleaner.
You fucked up with results, which is probably going to have a further affect on someones mental well-being. Get on board with open university, offer some kind of course to enable these guys to get the grades and go to their university of their choice. The power is in your hands, and you know it. Time to come off furlough mate.
Or, Create something for these guy or as you would call them, underachievers. There’s a lot of skill shortages in many different industries.
How about the older people who are at high risk of this virus, offer them an earlier retirement, could even be part time. This will allow the younger generation to find a job and maybe even a long life career, whilst being Teamed up with the guys who are now on part time pension, you can learn a lot from someone experienced on the job. Maybe even a friend for life. They would definitely learn life skills off them!

Talking about uni, do something with the mental health system there too. It’s shambolic. One of the reasons I left.

GPs, are going to be handing out antidepressants like smarties mate. Which is going to cost you and the NHS plenty of coin. Medication should be the last point of call, its also a supplement to your well-being. Not a magic pill. We need to make people aware of this.

Do you know what one the best and cheapest medication is for somebody suffering mentally? Being outdoors and exercising. Guess what, I can be done free.
Take a page out of the Australia and New Zealand’s books please. They seem to have their shit together!
One more thing, I’m from Manchester, I can’t go to my Mum’s house, But I can meet her in the Gym or the pub? How does this make sense?

It may not make sense, it probably has spelling mistakes. But you get the gist.

So yeah remember 84 males and about 27 females a week. But why do we only know when celeb or famous person takes their own life?
I did vote Tory. But fuck me. I regret it.

Yours Sincerely,
Luke James, CEO of The Get Shit Done Club And probably most of the country too!
Pps. If you want to join the TGSDC. Message me!

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