Addressing The Nation (More Getting Thoughts Off My Mind)

So, the main man Bozza has just spoken, it’s 20:28  on the 4th January here in Manchester whilst I’m writing this. 

It’s time to be honest with myself and the readers of this. 

So I thought I’d address the nation too, or whoever the fuck that reads this,  I think I have a couple of family members in Sydney so, I’m basically an international writer now, right? In actual fact, if nobody reads this, I couldn’t care, but I’m expressing my thoughts and feelings.

Over the last couple of months, I have been in battle with myself to whether or not I should do this or not. But as cliche as it sounds from the 1st January 2021 I have turned to sobriety. 

I have been connected with a a few people who have been sober for a number of years now, one to mention Michael Maisey an indirect mentor and now I’d call friend, he’s the author of a great book called the Young Offender, runs a very successful business and he’s been sober for over 13 years, so I don’t think I can find a better role model than him. 

So, what does that mean? 

Well it means:

Recreational Drugs (Sorry Mum)
Nicotine ( I will vape, but only have the flavour juice)

Note: I do not have a recreational drugs or alcohol problem. But what I do have is a condition called Bipolar, where I have to take around 6 pills per day which is going up to around 8. 

On the pieces of paper you see with the medication, you know the ones that you don’t read, it always says ‘you are not advised to consume drugs or alcohol’.

But what I do is love a bev from time to time, when the bevs come out and you’re with a set of people, sometimes the packet comes out too, or I’m at least craving it, you know what I mean. 

Having a mental health issue and a heart condition is a tough thing, dealing with a hangover and comedown with a mental health issue and heart issue is just putting petrol on the fire and ultimately fucking stupid!


I’m doing this for two people

  1. I’m doing this for myself, my body and my mind. I’m 25, with some serious health conditions. I need to look after my body. To understand myself and what I can actually achieve.
    When I have been in trouble with either the police, had altercations with people or upset anyone it is usually because I have been under the influence.
  2. I’m doing this for people around me, to get a better relationship with them, to actually care and not be selfish.

Am I scared, well yeah writing this now, I’m fucking scared, knowing I’m not going to be drunk or high again?
I’m going to tick it off week by week, month by month. 

The benefits are going to be endless, I know it wont be a short term but I am in this for the long term. I want to be successful in both health and wealth.

Since cutting down, I have realised I love being in control of my own body and being under the influence can sometimes put you in a vulnerable situation.

Since the last lockdown, I have come fucking miles, I haven’t dwelled on the new restrictions, I am actually going to use it my advantage and you can too.


Time to get into a new routine:

Journal each day (Phil Graham’s Mission Ready Journal)
Blog Weekly (Just like this one)
Drink Water
Track Calories
Read More (Self Development Please Recommend)
Limit Social Media (Work Related is Allowed)
Plan and Execute Tasks
Take Control of My Finances (Feb 21, it’s going to be a long month)
Support People (Especially on the same journey as me)
I will Probably Add To This List 

So to summarise, I don’t have a problem, I just want to get the best out of life. I have a great foundation. I just need to keep building. 

The only people talking badly about me are the ones I’ve left behind. The people who say I can’t I will prove you wrong.

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Luke James 🙂 

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