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About Me.

My Name Is Luke James, I'm 25 and I live in Manchester (Salford Quays).

Hey, I’m Luke James. I’m 25 and just like you, I have mental health. But what differs me from you. I have been through the mill, rock bottom, the deepest, darkest places, you can ever imagine, you know the saying, up shit creek with out a paddle, yeah that was me! I have struggled with mental illness for over 20 years. Anxiety, Depression, Psychosis, 3 suicide attempts and in 2020, I finally found out the answers to questions I have always wanted to know. I was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder in May 2020 and in July 2020 I was diagnosed with Autism. The biggest weight off my shoulders, being able to access the right help I need is the most rewarding thing ever! 

Over the last 6 years my mental health has been up and down like a yoyo, I really didn’t know why. Back and too, to see my GP for them to misdiagnose me on a number of occasions. Not taking me seriously, Prescribing me multiple antidepressants (SSRI’s)  They were, and still do hand them out like smarties whilst waiting  on huge mental health waiting lists. I never knew what was actually wrong with me, I didn’t understand mental health, coming from a sporty male dominated culture; feelings, emotions and any kind of weakness was never shown as it wasn’t the ‘manly’ thing to do. I grew up in an ALPHA male environment, and it is true what they say; you become  the person in the surroundings that you’re in, so trying to hide feelings, upset and emotions and trying to be this ALPHA male, something wasn’t going to work, something was going to break and what broke was my mind. 

When Did It All Change?

2018. This is where it all come to fruition. But not because I was looking for it, either. I was lucky enough to be chosen to go on a BBC all expensed reality show. Where on one night,   it got a little deep. Many people shared their own personal life struggles and stories. It finally got around to me. I chose to share my mental health battles, not knowing what kind of backlash that would have. But it was the first time I publicly spoke out about suicide attempts and my feelings. I put myself in a very vulnerable position I thought, however, I was wrong, I received over 1000 messages from around the globe that I have inspired people to speak out and seek help with their mental health. I didn’t want to leave it there though. I wanted to help more and more people, thats why I created Don’t Mind Me UK a small mental health charity. 

2 Years on I have spoken at over 100 business, trained over 2000 delegates and successfully found my happy place. I want to work on a more personal level now, with you.

My Morning Routine

WAKE UP: 05:30
MEDITATION: 15mins (Headspace)
MEDICATION: 100mg Lamotrigine, 500mg Depakote, 5mg Ecitalapram
EXERCISE: Gym or 5k Walk

I do this everyday, without fail. routine that works for me, I have tried and tested everything. It has taken a lot of trial and error to see what really works. Being an early riser,  I am a super productive person between the hours of around 6am and 2pm. I like to get all my daily tasks done in that time, then after the reactive things can be done. You really have to be proactive about your day ahead. A boxer wouldn’t enter the ring without 12 weeks training, conditioning and a plan for their bout, so why do we seem to fail when it comes to personal discipline? I will work with you, not for you. In order to get your shit together, you have to be willing to take full responsibility of your actions. That may mean sacrificing: Bad habits, people in your life and whatever else has a negative effect on you that you cannot get away from. 

I have Autism, Bipolar, Dyslexia and Dyspraxia. So What. But it will never defeat me.

So, you're obviously here for a reason. It's time to create goals, work hard and over achieve!

My Approach

I Will Tell You What The GP's Don't!
I Will Work Along Side You, Not For You.
I Will Be Brutal, You Will Thank Me Later!

I’m a pretty straight talking, brutally honest bloke. But using the words like  ‘Man Up’ doesn’t exist in my vocab’. When we work together, I will give you all the tips, tricks and advice  from my personal  and professional experience I have gained throughout my life. Some that I should have done in the past, some that I cannot live without, experiement see what works for you, we will tailor a plan for you, together. It will be to your needs and not just a pre-made plan that I farm out to every person. I will work with you on a 121 basis, keeping things personal, intimate and confidential so we have the best chance of upgrading your mindset and becoming the best you can! 

Businesses, Schools and Events

Since starting Don’t Mind Me UK- I have spoken on stage, in schools and business; board and conference rooms. I deliver bespoke mental health training to you and  your business needs. From State to Private Schools. SME’s to Corporate businesses, even on stage at private events. I tell my mental health story, in the rawest form. Tears, laughter and keeping the audience on their seat wanting more. Leaving school children to CEO’s of businesses walking away with not only mental health training, an insight of what its like to live with severe mental illness, but making them think about their own, their colleagues and their close friends and families  mental health. 

I Coach

Having gone to university in Leeds, to study PE Teaching, this kind of comes naturally to me. I offer mental health workshops. 121 coaching to get the best out of you and Small group Coaching. I will get the best out you, your friend or who ever you refer to my programs!

I Speak

I have spoken to business, schools and anywhere that will have me. I motivate people through an emotional story giving, them a take away mental health toolbox! I have also featured on Radios, TV and Podcasts. 

I Write

I hated school, it didn’t really teach me much, I hated most lessons, even English, but I loved creative writing and using my brain, I wouldn’t class myself as creative, but my mind can take me places (some good, some bad) . I regularly write a blog, social posts and starting to write a book, but that is under lock and key for now! 

I've Worked With Great Businesses and Great People