From Suicidal to Living My Best Life

I've been there, I've done it, I have worn the T-shirt, many times.
We will get you out of this pit and help you create long term happiness.
We will get you results, but you have to be ready to help yourself!

What I Do

I Coach.

Having gone to university in Leeds, to study PE Teaching, this kind of comes naturally to me. I offer mental health workshops. 121 coaching to get the best out of you and Small group Coaching. I will get the best out of you, your friend or who ever you refer to my programs!

I Speak.

I have spoken to business,schools and anywhere that will have me. I motivate people through an emotional story giving them a take away mental health toolbox! I have also featured on Radios, TV and Podcasts. 


I Write.

I hated school, didn’t really teach me much, I hated most lessons, even English, but I loved creative writing and using my brain, I wouldn’t class myself as creative, but my mind can take me places. I regulary write a blog, social posts and starting to write a book, but that is under lock and key for now! 

Need Some Motivation?

Feeling Shit?
Can’t get out of that rut? 
Don’t know where to turn?
Blaming Everyone Else?


Book Me To Speak At Your Business

I have spoken at over 100 events, businesses and schools. My approach is to have an emotional relationship in the room, get people thinking ‘oh shit, I can relate to that, I get people understanding mental well-being in a no nonsense, straight talking approach. I have a story that you could simply not make up, from being arrested, detained and sectioned.  I have successfully turned my life around and now I want to inspire at least one person everyday to do the same! People don’t always remember what I say, but they will always remember how I made them feel

I've Appeared On

My Story

Hey, I’m Luke James. I’m 26 and Just like you, I have mental health. But what differs me from you. I have been through the mill, rock bottom, the deepest, darkest places, you can ever imagine, you know the saying, up shit creek with out a paddle, yeah that was me! I ended up telling the world via a BBC production,          ‘One Hot Summer’ That I was depressed, suicidal and mentally unwell, this opened a huge can of worms, but luckily the right can. I’m writing this today, 24th July 2020. Yesterday, I had my final full diagnosis of two un answered life long questions. I will tell you all about that on the my emails and the About Me page, but watch the video there, and see where it all began! 

In Episode 3, the gang took part in a ‘ Truth Circle’ hosted by Vegan and Yoga Enthusiast, Yasmin Muzil. I opened up and talked  about my battle with depression and anxiety within the last 12 months which lead to waking up in a hospital bed after a third suicide attempt.  
Since opening up on the TV,  I has received over 1000 messages globally, follows and comments about how he’s helped people across the globe to seeking help with regards to their mental health. 

The 28 Day Transformation

I want to help 10 people for per month for a year.
Why? To assist them in turning their life around. 
I’ll give you the accountability and motivation you need to get the best you’ve ever been. 
To join a community, to help each other, and to become a team. Imagine what we can do with a months commitment with people alike.

Businesses I have Worked With


Luke gave us a really candid talk on his personal struggle with Mental Health and how he has managed to turn his life around. . Luke’s approach is very refreshing, his no nonsense, direct language brought events to life in a very real way and his ability to answer some pretty hard-hitting questions gave us a great deal to think about. This was, without doubt, one of the best sessions we have had to date and I would thoroughly recommend Don’t Mind Me to anyone who wants to get a better understanding of Mental Health.

Alison Mair- Safety For Design